• Black Furies

For the most part, the Black Furies keep themselves to themselves. They are quick to respond to requests for assistance from the Sept, and are always on hand for moots, however their small numbers makes them focus on their own projects, often to the exclusion of looking for ways to help their Sept mates. The Furies who are around, through their kinfolk, run an underground railroad of sorts for battered women and children. They run shelters and actively seek to find and remove these tortured souls from bad situations. It’s not uncommon for the abuser to either never be seen again, or to be mauled by wild animals. Thus far, none are sure how they have managed to stay under the radar of the authorities.

  • Bone Gnawers

Bone Gnawers have been in Bloomington since before there was a Caern or a Sept. It was a Bone Gnawer theurge who discovered the awakening Caern. These days they have given up their leadership role in the Sept. Instead, they choose to fight the battle on the ground and stay out of the politics. They have chosen the homeless village on the south side of town as their primary protectorate. Many of them live here full time, and use these people as a source of information. They are protective of the Caern its self, always making sure at least two or three of their number are on the grounds to assist the Warder. While many still relegate them to the bottom of the pecking order, none deny how essential the Bone Gnawers are to protecting the Septs lands. They have simply been the first to respond to a threat to many times to ignore.

Outside of Bloomington, the Bone Gnawers have information networks in Indianapolis, Louisville and Terra Haute. They have three packs which share the administration of this overall network, allowing for information to move quickly from one part of the Sept’s lands to another.

  • Children of Gaia

The Children of Gaia are active in Bloomington, and are responsible for most of the peaceful protests that happen here. Though the number of their Garou is small, those that are here are well respected. Their kinfolk network is vast, far bigger than any two other tribes combined.This lone fact, if nothing else, keeps them close to the Alpha.

  • Fianna

There are few Fianna in the area, and until recently there were none. A group came to take care of some wolf kinfolk a pack of Red Talons found and freed from a local zoo. The small group that is here consists of an equal mix of Lupus and Homid. The Lupus working directly with the Red Talons, while the Homids work to ensure the safety of the three large packs of kinfolk the group has saved. They also run a bar in downtown Bloomington, a safe house for the allies of the Sept, and a way for them to get in touch with the Sept without actually coming to the Caern.

  • Glass Walkers

When the Bone Ganwers found the original Caern site, it was the Glass Walkers who purchased the site and made sure it belonged to the Nation. Since then, they have worked their magic with local and state Governments to ensure it will never be appropriated. They have fingers in Cook, Boston, and Baxter, and work to do what they can to make sure these companies are run clean and with as little of a foot print as possible. As essential as the Bone Gnawers are to the protection of the Caern and Sept, it is the Glass Walkers who make it run from day to day. They pay rent on the buildings the Sept uses to support its self, they make sure the police and the planning commission stay clear, and that all of the Kinfolk have what they need to do their jobs. When the Sept was first formed, it was the Glass Walkers who held the reins of power, and they still chafe under the new Shadow Lord rule. However, they realize they failed to keep the Silver Court from taking over, and that the Sept would now be part of the Court were it not for the Shadow Lords.

  • Red Talons

When the Red Talons first heard of a tree growing in the middle of an industrial compound that was serving as a host for a Caern Totem, they were intrigued. When they heard that the Sept growing around that Caern was dedicating it’s self to Urban Renewal, they became interested. When they heard the Sept was actively promoting green spaces and trying to preserve the tracts of forests around the city an state, they could not stay away. At first they were butting heads with the growing Sept, but after only a few years, there were two full time packs calling the Sept home. They were even given positions of influence and a direct hand in any of the renewal or preservation projects they chose to involve themselves in. The recently rescued a pair of Fianna wolf kin from a private zoo around Indianapolis, and have allowed Fianna Lupus into their packs. So far, the influx of ideas and strategies pleases all concerned.

  • Shadow Lords

The Shadow Lords have had their eyes on Bloomington since the beginning. They watched closely when the Silver Court began to circle, and were in place to assist with keeping them out. Two packs showed up in town one day, offering to use their political connections to fight the Court, and only asking a place within the Sept after the fighting was done. As the Court tried more and more to get in, it became obvious the Glass Walkers could not save the Sept, they turned the reins over to the Shadow Lords. In customary fashion for both Tribes, this was handled privately, and without any bloodshed or fan fair. Once at the helm, the Shadow Lords were able to quickly and efficiently turn back the Court. Now they are proving to be capable and cleaver leaders. They have less of a focus on Urban Renewal and the preservation of Natural spaces, which has had them butting heads with the Red Talons, but they are a long way from eliminating these programs all together.


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